Hide your Useragent

Gentoo users compile their stuff on their own. This is a fun thing to do and provides you with a lot of flexibility. Every gentoo system is unique. Sadly this sometimes is exposed to the internet. For example Firefox contains the compile-date in it’s useragent string. Goodbye privacy.

Then again, we can easily fix this. Take a common useragent from useragentstring.com and paste it into the “general.useragent.override” option in the about:config settings editor of firefox. (If the setting does not exist, create it.) Done.

You can check your uniqueness on the EFF Panopticlick site. I reach a level of “one in 13,247 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours” (which is pretty good already). This is with a Windows-Firefox 3.6.3 useragent string and javascript disabled.

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