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Tuesday, 02 January 2007
These are some projects I am or was working on. If you find bugs or have questions, you can contact me .


This is a list of websites I created and/or worked on:
  • - design by Kathrin Haupt, everything else by me.
  • - improved their website and custom shop system for usability and reliability. I touched nearly every line of code of this baby. Theres a complete order and license management in the background.
  • - website I was working on for an employer - a skinned WordPress2 with some custom plugins.
  • - website of a medical consulting company, design by Janine Pohl, PHP+XHTML+CSS implementation by Kai Dietrich
  • - this one ;)

PHP MyFortune

PHP MyFortune is a PHP clone of the well known unix fortune. Well, not exactly a clone - it uses a different input file format and outputs small images rather then plain text. PHP MyFortune is published under the GPL. read more...


IRIS/Retina is a Java-Project from a "Praktikum" at the TU-Berlin. It's a framework with a messaging structure and makes implementation of pipe-like communication and modularization in Java easy.


The INF_WebTools package is a set of serverside WebApplications for the the Unreal Tournament 99 total conversion INFiltration and some additional bash and PHP/MySQL scripts. read more...


SSK, the 'Swiss Server Knife' for INFiltration is a set of mutator which subtly improves the gaming experience on online servers. Involves some tricky user sorting and balancing algorithms. SSK is published under the GPL. read more...


DTAS is a so called mutator for INFiltration. It's a community project with a long history and lots of man-hours. read more...


WinStar is an 2D-multi-direction scroller action game written in C/C++ using the Allegro game programming library. It is the last result of a long project with many predecessors. read more...

External Stuff

Some links to external things.

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