Finally … backups.

Solved what’s probably everbodys most neglected problem: backups (or better their absence).

  • bought a bluetooth stick to backup the phone (with gammu/wammu)
  • bought a 2TB HDD and an USB/eSATA case to backup my systems (with rsnapshot)

It definitly was a very relaxing moment when I finished the first backup. Rsnapshot is certainly the tool to use for such home backup purposes. It allows you to have multiple virtual full snapshots of the system while only needing the space of the first full backup plus all your changes (it uses hardlinks for unchanged files). One thing I noticed: As I’m a bit of a paranoid, I set the disc encryption algorithm to AES256 in contrast to dmcrypts default AES128 setting. Now it seems like that takes up a considerable amount of CPU cycles more then AES128 (no real measurement, just quick observation). The result is that on my Atom 330 board, the encryption process runs at 100% CPU usage, eating up a full core and I only get 15MB/s writing speed (as opposed to 30MB/s on a Core2Duo 1.6GHz — maxing out the USB port). It’s still OK, it’s just that I don’t even have to bother using the eSATA port with the system. The good thing is, that on the next weekly backup, the disk speed will not matter very much as only the diff will get rsynced :)

Now … my nights will be much better, I think :)

And if you don’t have home backups yet, I hope your nights will be very restless!

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