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Tuesday, 02 January 2007
  • "Das Ohr und der Geist kennen Wiederholungen, das Herz nicht."
    Nicolas Chamfort
  • "Das Leben ist bunt!"
    a friend
  • "Peace demands solutions, but we never reach living solutions; we only work toward them. A fixed solution is, by definition, a dead solution. The trouble with peace is that it tends to punish mistakes instead of rewarding brilliance."
    The Words of My Father: an account of Muad'Dib reconstructed by Harq al-Ada"
    Frank Herbert - Dune
  • "What you of the CHOAM directorate seem unable to understand is that you seldom find real loyalties in commerce. When did you last hear of a clerk giving his life for the company? Perhaps your deficiency rests in the false assumption that you can order men to think and cooperate. This has been a failure of everything from religions to general staffs throughout history. General staffs have a long record of destroying their own nations. As to religions, I recommend a rereading of Thomas Aquinas. As to you of CHOAM, what nonsense you believe! Men must want to do things out of their own innermost drives. People, not commercial organizations or chains of command, are what make great civilizations work. Every civilization depends upon the quality of the individuals it produces. If you over-organize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness - they cannot work and their civilization collapses.
    - A letter to CHOAM, Attributed to The Preacher"
    Frank Herbert - Dune
  • Biologieunterricht:
    "Auf welcher Seite des Menschen befindet sich das Herz?"
    "Auf der Innenseite!"
  • "Love is tolerance, not just passion."
    Found somewhere
  • "'Bleib' ist ein charmantes Wort im Vokabular eines Freundes." - Amos Bronson Alcott
  • "Gib mir einen Flügel, Pianistenhände und ein Dichterherz und ich zeige dir, wie der Himmel auf Erden aussehen könnte." - Anna
  • "Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty." - Frank Herbert, Dune
  • "Es gibt im Leben genug hässliche Dinge, die man nicht vermehren muss." - Auguste Renoir
  • "The world is a jungle in general, and the networking game contributes many animals." -- RFC826 (Ethernet ARP), David C. Plummer
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