Written by Kai Dietrich   
Tuesday, 02 January 2007

Useful gentoo commands(I tend to forget regularely)

emerge -auDNv world
short for: --ask --update --deep --newuse --verbose

equery uses -a <pkgspec>
lookup available useflags for package (app-portage/gentoolkit)

incase you are looking for it, these are the network interface up/down scripts, use like normal deamon scripts

config files for net scripts, see above

gentoo infos

Q: How do you install openntpd?
A: Install net-misc/ntp with useflag 'openntpd' set


Cool Gentoo Article - Gentoo Portage secrets -  


general useful linux commands

updating an existing "backup" (without overwriting existing files)


rsync --recursive --ignore-existing --delete --verbose SOURCE DEST



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