Music of the month — beeing (electro-something):

Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand

Daft Punk - Aerodynamic

Фузион - I’m coming! :)

Life can be so gracious…

… Just tought my girlfriend how to play chess (while she suggested strip-chess, how great is that? ;) ). I’m currently sitting in the living room in the dark, listening to the Xmas channel on really loud and running an emerge --depclean on my laptop.

While we are at it — I just put together some (incomplete) freevo playlists for the free webstreams from Digitally Import and They are only 96kbit/s MP3 but sound reasonably well. So for everyone who also has a freevo box in his living room, here are the lists:

  • — — mostly electronic/techno stuff
  • — — everything else (oldies, classics, pop, rock, etc.)
  • other.fxd —,, LOHRO, Radio1