Mr. Scruff — Get A Move On

and a personal update: after some struggling, I will go to work at 9:00 today. Finally. :)

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

highly inspiring:

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

StarTrek for the masses

The people at CERN who run LHC, probably are more bright than anyone of us. So they are even bright enough to show pretty pictures for those who are not so bright: StarTrek@CERN.

I don’t want to know how many demos they needed to create to get the money for the LHC. I bet they still have more than one 3D artist on board ;)

Science isn’t all flashy and colored. But it’s worth it, anyhow.


Ist ja mal wieder eine großartige Idee: Alle Bösen zahlen monatlich in einen Topf. Und wer pleite geht, der kriegt was drin ist (aka Jackpot). Und diese Bankenabgabe soll jetzt das Risiko für zukünftige Krisen minimieren? Hört sich eher an wie Chicken-Game. Jeder Student im ersten Semester VWL, ach was, jeder Gymnasiast mit Sozialkunde/PW sollte sehen, dass das schief geht.

Bill Gates on climate change and how to prevent it.

As much as I don’t like the products of his former company, in this talk at TED he has a point I can agree with: To overcome the nearly inevitable, we need a “miracle” and this miracle has to come from research and economics. We have to find some technology that solves the energy crisis, is very cheap and doesn’t produce CO2. I don’t necessarily agree with his proposed technology, but the basic idea, I think, is correct. And, we need to invent this technology in the next 40 years. It worked with the Manhattan Projekt, it worked with the Apollo Program, it could work here, too. Industry won’t do it on it’s own, because an investment in such a projekt is a huge risk and will bring a lot of sunken costs uppon failure. The state is clearly needed here (as for any investment with huge fixed costs). But then just why don’t our governments spend more on education and research in this area?

New GPG Key

well, it seems my blog destroys even armored keys.
I guess you’ll find it on the servers, the fingerprint is:
1515 1500 8CC3 CE35 52CD C7BD DAE1 1BBD 410E 04AF
key-id is, ofcourse : 410E04AF


“[…] [D]efinition of a liberal: a conservative who just got arrested. A conservative, of course, is a liberal who just got mugged.”

just stumbled on it in the book “Steel Beach” by John Varley.

wiki2beamer @ 26C3

short story: meet us there, today, lightning talk. [slides|sources]

long story:
After I feared to get no tickets, yesterday, I finally got one (after waiting patiently in the line). Now I’ll give a 4-minutes Lightning Talk at the 26. Chaos Communication Congress were I will introduce wiki2beamer and point out, that is good for collaborative working and sourcecode-centric talks.

The slides are available as PDF and with all the sources.

update: video recording is online, other formats here


A. by ~Cleeus on deviantART

Es ist Herbst.

Gestern das erste mal. Die Sonne hat sich verändert, scheint jetzt gelber, und auch früh morgens riecht die Stadt anders. Achtet mal drauf.