Street Photography

The Magic is in the hole — Chris Weeks




Daniel hat jetzt auch eins von mir:

schnieke, wa?

Bei Bedarf: einfach bei mir melden.



FED2d, 50mm, Ilford Delta 100, lab scan

berlin winter

berlin winter

FED 2d, 50mm, Ilford Delta 100, lab scan from neg

see it

see it

FED 2d, 50mm, f/2.8, Ilford Delta 100, Lab Scan

A while back…

… I was here:

CO Berlin, Nan Goldin, Poster

And as always, exhibitions from c/o berlin are a thrilling experience. So everyone who has a slight interest in photography, take your chance to see the stunning pictures of one icon of the photographic world. Nan Goldin stands for the genre of autobiographic photography like no other. You will be shocked, you will find love, you will be overwhelmed.


A. by ~Cleeus on deviantART

Why I do, what I do.

Because I’ve been asked.

Here’s what Street Photography is.

Street Photography for the Purist

and a little bit more entertaining:

Street Photography: Documenting the Human Condition — Part I

Street Photography: Documenting the Human Condition — Part II

Street Photography: Documenting the Human Condition — Part III

And it’s not about the Leica thing.

And these documentaries if you still like it:
WNYC Street Shots: Bruce Gilden

WNYC Street Shots: Jake Dobkin

WNYC Street Shots: Sandra Roa

WNYC Street Shots: Jamel Shabazz

WNYC Street Shots: Joe Wigfall

The Future Is Analogue!

Digital is yesterday!

Film has just so much more soul.

Don’t get me wrong, the digital is … certainly better in every way, but … look at this tiny cute thing (LOMO LC-A+):


Or … my latest love, a russian rangefinder Leica clone, the FED 2d, (built in 1963):

FED 2d Industar 26 M

We need the DSLRs for work, but film is love!


She has a new lens: The Industar 61, 52mm/2.8, said to be one of the finest russian lenses. I had to do some adjustments of the rangefinder to the new lens. I hope I got it all right, only the next roll of BW400CN or NEOPAN400 can tell.

FED 2d Industar 61