Bill Gates on climate change and how to prevent it.

As much as I don’t like the products of his former company, in this talk at TED he has a point I can agree with: To overcome the nearly inevitable, we need a “miracle” and this miracle has to come from research and economics. We have to find some technology that solves the energy crisis, is very cheap and doesn’t produce CO2. I don’t necessarily agree with his proposed technology, but the basic idea, I think, is correct. And, we need to invent this technology in the next 40 years. It worked with the Manhattan Projekt, it worked with the Apollo Program, it could work here, too. Industry won’t do it on it’s own, because an investment in such a projekt is a huge risk and will bring a lot of sunken costs uppon failure. The state is clearly needed here (as for any investment with huge fixed costs). But then just why don’t our governments spend more on education and research in this area?

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