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Wednesday, 03 January 2007

What is UT:INFiltration?

INFiltration is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 99 turning the Sci-Fi Ego-Shooter into an ultra realistic tactical shooter. "Infiltration is an immersion into realism, driven by intense military combat, in a squad-based, mission-oriented shooter. Each of those missions brings the distinctive taste of multifaceted warfare in any environment you can imagine."

What is DTAS?

DTAS is a new gamemode (Dynamic Take and Secure) for this conversion (well, technically speaking its just a mutator for a default gamemode). It's simpleness and tactical possibilities made it the dominant gamemode in the community.


  • John 'yurch' Yurchinkonis
  • Dan 'Crowze' Roberts
  • Enrico 'Harper' Biermann
  • Kai 'Cleeus' Dietrich


In the beginning, there was yurch. ;)

yurch had the idea of a gamemode TAS (Take and Secure) in 2002 and implemented a mutator for INF version 2.86 which brought a whole new dimension to the game. After a while some new ideas were brought into the gamemode which brought some randomness to the game. The new mode was now called Dynamic Take and Secure - DTAS.
After the long development of INFiltration 2.9 wich is a whole new dimension of the game it took anly a short time until Crowze took over the projekt and ported DTAS to the new version. He had lots of new ideas and knowledge involving HUD changements and user interaction.
At this point I stepped in. Unsatisfied with stability, performance and coding style I decided to do a complete internal rewrite and removed lots of the dirty hacks DTAS used. Later my good friend Harper jumped in and further improved stability and user integration (scoreboard, HUD, EAS map compatibility) up to a point where it was ready take over the community ;)

Current State of Development

DTAS can be considered final, there are no known bugs anymore :)

It received an uncounted amount of man-hours from skilled developers and has around 5500 lines of Unreal-Script code.


DTAS is hosted at - a community download portal

or here on download page

local download 


If you want to, you can take a look at the readme.txt


If you want to, you can take a look at the changelog


Geogob: Hey! It's the first time i really look in depth at the DTAS code. That thing is very nice. Glad to see not everyone is  a sloppy coder like I am :P
Geogob: very tidy
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