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Wednesday, 03 January 2007


The INF_WebTools package is a set of serverside WebApplications for the the Unreal Tournament 99 total conversion INFiltration and some additional bash and PHP/MySQL scripts.

UT99 has an integrated WebServer, completely written in UnrealScript. The modular and dynamic nature of the Unreal Engine makes it possible to replace almost anything of the originaly provided components with custom code.

The WebTools package contains 3 components.


The NG-WebAdmin is a new and improved WebAdmin and aims to replace the monolithic design of the original INF WebAdmin with a highly modular concept. This way custom, community made game-content like mutators can register its own extensions to the web-interface.
Additionally the NG-WebAdmin removes unneeded overhead in the interface itself and adds some neat features for the admins


The UT Engine has a powerfull console which can change nearly anything on the server. WebCtrl accepts GET requests with certain parameters, then executes the given commands on the server and returns the result. Thus, WebCtrl provides by definition a WebService.


Is also a WebService, but this time it is read only. WebStat provides a modular concept the gather information about the running game and the server. It aims to replace the flawed, UDP based, GameSpy protocoll with a custom TCP+HTTP based protocoll.

Additionally the WebTools package contains some PHP Scripts which can be called by gameservers and query servers by them selfes. Its a two-way communication between common PHP-enabled webservers and UnrealScript based GameServers.


  • Initial ideas and some UnrealScript+PHP/HTML/JavaScript by Lars 'Exorzist' Heller
  • Major development of UnrealScript code and PHP masterserver backend by Kai 'Cleeus' Dietrich
  • Frontend for the masterserver and webdesign by Jochen 'jbJOGI' Bühler
  • ACL and user support by Enrico 'Harper' Biermann

Current State of Development

The INF_WebTools package still has a long todo-list - there are some many amazing things you can do with this technology, but there is nearly no demand for it anymore. I still have some uncompleted unreleased code on my harddisk but I think it is better not do an unstable release.

WebStat Live at

Even if there aren't a lot of INFiltration servers anymore lately, the masterserver frontend at is still running.


The INF_WebTools package is hosted at - a community download portal - and here on download page

local download


If you want to, you can take a look at the:


If you want to, you can take a look at the changelog

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