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Wednesday, 03 January 2007

What is UT:INFiltration?

INFiltration is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 99 turning the Sci-Fi Ego-Shooter into an ultra realistic tactical shooter. "Infiltration is an immersion into realism, driven by intense military combat, in a squad-based, mission-oriented shooter. Each of those missions brings the distinctive taste of multifaceted warfare in any environment you can imagine."

What is SSK?

SSK, the 'Swiss Server Knife' for INFiltration is a set of serverside only mutators for INFiltration. It improves the gaming experience through subtle but clever adjustments of the game to the user. The philosophy was to provide the users with a gaming environment they like and doesn't become boring without really knowing why.

SSK is released under the GPL.


Kai 'Cleeus' Dietrich


The initial idea for SSK came around the end of 2002 from a friend of mine. From there on it took lots of experiments to get them working serverside only and working the way we wanted. But once this was reached the possibilities were endless.


  • Intelligent Maplist Mutator - decides which map is next, according to the number of players
  • Tag-Balance Mutator - sorts players into the teams regarding their clantag and the current state of the team-balancing
and two more mutators regarding anoying cheats and logging

Current State of Development

SSK is pretty much stable and finished. It has around 1000 lines of beautiful Unreal-Script code.


SSK is hosted at - a community download portal - and here on download page

local download



SSK - The Swiss Server Knife v0.98
(c) 2004 by Kai "Cleeus[JgKdo]" Dietrich
SSK is released under the GNU General Public License, you should have received
a copy of the license together with this file.
SSK is a set of SERVERSIDE mutators for INFiltration 2.9 that (hopefully) make
playing online a better experience.
The following mutators are included:
SSK.TB - TagBalance
Sorts players into the teams regarding their clantag and the current
state of the team-balance.
Attention: Only tested with TDM (includes DTAS),
may work with EAS too, but I never tested it.
SSK.IM - Intelligent MapList
Decides which map is next, according to the current number of players.
Forces players to use a non UT voice.
If a UT voice is detected then a random INF voice is chosen instead.
SSK.PLOG - PlayerLog
Writes the players names and ips into the servers logfile. The format is:
SSK.PLOG: [YYYY.MM.DD-HH:MM:SS] <playername> <ip>:<port>
This mutator is inspired by PlayerJoinDump from Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks,
but since his server actor possibly consumes lots of CPU power I created this one,
which only logs when the player spawn and causes nearly no CPU load during gameplay.
Just put the files, ssk.ini, ssk.u into your UT/System/ directory
and add the mutators to the game/commandline.
SSK is serverside only.
- (feature) added new weighted random methode to determine the next map in random mode
(thanks to benmcl)
- (bugfix) bRandomizeML now also works with IM
- (feature) added timestamp to PLOG log-string
- (feature) added new mutator ssk.plog (PlayerLog)
- (bugfix) removed a debug thing that completly disabled TB (/me stupid)
- (bugfix) yet another attempt to fix TB, but i think i got it this time
- (feature) experimental support in IM for up to 256 maps in a list
- (feature) added and updated some preferences in the ssk.ini
- (bugfix) fixed stupid bug in TB
- (change) improved TB a bit
- first public release for INF2.9
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