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Wednesday, 03 January 2007
Quote of the DTAS 1.61 readme.txt

for server admins
- copy the InfilDTAS_1_61.u, InfilDTAS.ini and into your
UT/System directory
- add ServerPackages=InfilDTAS_1_61 to your [Engine.GameEngine] in your 
- add InfilDTAS_1_61.DTAS to your server command and restart your server or choose 
InfilDTAS within the WebAdmin

for everyone else
- to use DTAS offline you need the same files, but if you only intend to play online it is
better to get the newest version directly from the server so you don't risk version 
mismatches if the server's version differs from your local

Console commands
mutate TASstatus - sends you a reminder about your mission in the current round
mutate DTAShelp - displays a brief help text
mutate RTSMySpawn - displays information about your current spawnpoint (admins will see 
spawns of both teams)
NOTE: if anything bad happens to any member of your team due to a bad spawnpoint, use this 
command and relay the information to a server admin or post it in the Inf Forum "New DTAS" 
mutate iamthechosenone - will tell DTAS that you are interested in being the fox/flag 
mutate iamnotworthy - will tell DTAS that you are no longer interested in being the 
fox/flag placer
NOTE: this won't protect you from becoming the fox/flag placer if all entered the command
mutate DTASFoxOn - enables Fox mode (admin only)
mutate DTASFoxOff - disables Fox mode (admin only)
mutate PlayFox - activate Fox mode
mutate PlayDTAS - activate DTAS mode
mutate DTASBeDefender - sets the team of the admin entering this command to defender, logs 
him out and restarts the round
mutate DTASBeAttacker - sets the team of the admin entering this command to defender, logs 
him out and restarts the round

DTAS ini settings
integer values:
PlaceFlagTime: time the flag-placer has to choose a location for spawning the flag 
(counting from round start in seconds)
CapTime: time the attackers have to stay within capture range to win the round
MaxCapTime: maximal time a capture may take
AttackerTimeDecrease: number of seconds each attacker more than AttackersNeeded will 
decrease CapTime
DefenderTimeIncrease: number of seconds each defender more than DefendersNeeded will 
increase CapTime
MinPlayersPerTeam: minimum number of players on each side before DTAS kicks in
AttackersNeeded: minimum number of attackers needed for a successful capture
DefendersNeeded: minimum number of defenders within the CapRadius to prevent a capture
boolean values:
bShowFlare: toggles the creation of a red flare near the flag
bShowFlag: toggles the display of the actual flag
bDebugMode: enables extensive logging
bShowFlagIcons: displays flag icons next to players in scoreboard
bShowInRange: displays "In Range" in HUD if a player is close to the objective
bShowCapture: displays "Capturing" in HUD if player is REALLY capturing
bStrongDefense: enables the hardcore DTAS defense (as long as DefendersNeeded requirement 
is met no one can capture)
bShowKills: displays kills in scoreboard
bListFlag: toggles UT Compass range display for the flag (note: this will only work with 
UT compass)
bUseDTASScoreboard: use the new improved DTAS scoreboard
bUseDTASHud: use the new improved DTAS HUD
bUseMapTimes: use the custom map time instead of InfilWeapons.RoundTime
bFoxMode: replaces the TDM part of DTAS with a Foxhunt gamemode
bLastChance: gives the last attacker the possibility to win if he and his former teammate 
were in range of the objective
bRoundSwitch: toggles whether to switch immediatly between gamemodes or only at end of 
float values:
FoxTimeFactor: multiplicator used to reduce round time during fox games
CapRadius: planar radius of the capture cylinder
CapHeight: height of the capture cylinder
RTS ini settings
integer values:
StartPointSpacing: room between two players when spawning
LineWidth: players are placed along a line, this sets how man players spawn at each point 
of it
CubeXYZ: the size of the cubes the map is divided into (don't change this)

boolean values:
bEveryRound: toggles between round based spawn point change and map based changes

float values:
SPPCollisionRadius: radius for the collsion cylinder used for room testing before spawning
SPPCollisionHeight: height for the collsion cylinder used for room testing before spawning
MinThreshHold: minimal distance between both teams when spawning
PercentageOfNearPoints: how many points are considered "near". The enemy team won't spawn 
at "near" points

The DTAS Gamemode
DTAS stands for "Dynamic Take and Secure" and is a game mode with two teams where one team 
tries to defend the flag (the defenders) against the other team (the attackers). The 
"dynamic" in DTAS refers to the use of Random Team Spawn (RTS) to allow a more flexible 
and varied gameplay.
The primary mission for the attacker is to find and capture the enemy team's flag. They do 
this by staying within the range of the flag (CapRadius and CapHeight) for a couple of 
seconds (CapTime). When there are not enough defenders (DefendersNeeded) within the range 
of the flag the attackers will win if they got enough players in range (AttackersNeeded). 
Another option for the attackers to win is by killing all defending players, though this 
is not necessary when they can get to the flag.
The defending team on the other hand must stop the attackers from reaching the flag. They 
can reach this by killing enough attackers so that they are no longer able to capture (you 
can disable this with bKillLastAttackers). In addition the attackers won't be able to 
capture the flag if there are too many defender within range (DefendersNeeded). The 
attackers will automatically loose if the time limit set for the map is exceeded.

After either side has won a round the roles are reversed.
In the beginning of a new DTAS round, the defender have some time (PlaceFlagTime) to 
choose a good location for their flag. The defender which is chosen to place the flag is 
usually the last one who entered the game before the new round started. The player who 
will spawn the flag will be notified with a different objective message saying that "You 
will spawn the objective" while everyone else receives a message whether he is attacking 
or not.

Variable capture times
With version 1.42 some new ini options were introduced.
The most important one is bStrongDefense which toggles between the standard DTAS 
attack/defense configuration (DefendersNeeded could defend against anything) and a new 
more dynamic defense approach.
When disabling bStronDefense, some other ini options are used: AttackerTimeDecrease, 
DefenderTimeIncrease and MaxCapTime.
AttackerTimeDecrease and DefenderTimeIncrease adjusts how much an additional 
attacker/defender (more than needed) will ease/complicate the capture process. Be aware 
that there still must be at least AttackersNeeded attackers in the area and there must be 
fewer defenders, too.
MaxCapTime sets a upper time limit how long a capture process may take.

One example: CapTime=15, AttackersNeeded=2, DefendersNeeded=2, bFixedCapTime=False,
AttackerTimeDecrease=10, DefenderTimeIncrease=30, MaxCapTime=25
Imagine there are two defenders in range of the flag. As soon as there are three attackers 
within the area they will start to capture the flag. They need at least one more soldier 
against two defender plus they receive a time bonus of 10 seconds because they have one 
more attacker than AttackersNeeded.
Now another defender enters the objective area. Because there are now more Defenders than 
DefendersNeeded, they gain a time increase of 30 seconds which would put the capture time 
to 45 seconds.
The attacker are now unable to capture, first because the capture time exceeds the 
MaxCapTime and second because they don't dominate the defender anymore.
If another attacker enters the area they would dominate the defenders again and putting 
the capture time back to 35. However this is still more than the MaxCapTime, so they still 
don't start capturing.
Only if another attacker enters the area he will put back the capture time to 25 seconds 
which is good enough for a capture.
Let's summarize this example:
- 2 att/1- def = capture in 15 seconds
- 3 att/2- def = capture in 5 seconds
- 5 att/3 def = capture in 25 seconds
- 7 att/4 def = capture in 25 seconds
- 10 att/5 def = capture in 25 seconds

The Foxhunt gamemode
When enabling bFoxMode in the INI or by using "mutate DTASFoxOn" (DTASFoxOff to disable it 
again) in game you can activate a new TDM replacement game mode called Foxhunt. Similar to 
DTAS there is a defending and an attacking team. One member of the defending team becomes 
"the fox" and must be protected by its team members at all cost because they will 
automatically loose the round when he dies.
The attacker on the other hand must hunt down the fox. To make this task easier they have 
a range display about how far they are away of the fox. With proper communication and 
range comparision, they will be able to locate his exact position and hunt him down.

In addition to the normal information shown within the HUD for TDM rounds there is some 
more status information in the bottom left part of the HUD. The compass will show the 
direction to the flag if there is any and right of it the distance to the flag, along with 
the remaining time and the status of your mission. The distance to the flag is somewhat 
inaccurate, but you you will know if you are close enough when the distance changes to "in 

DTAS scoreboard
The new DTAS scoreboard changes some of the displayed information:
There are 4 columns:
- captures(C): displays the number of captures each individual player participate in
- death(D): the number of death of a player
- objective kills(O): number of objective kills (kills inside the capture radius
- score(S): a score calculated by how well a player does

Scoring takes into account the following situations (all boni are cumulative):
+1 surviving a round
+1 winning the round (everyone)
+1 dying in range
+1 surviving the round in range
+1 kill
+1 last kill
+1 being within 7.5m of a teammate who makes a kill (including the player himself)
+2 preventing a capture attempt as a defender (only once a round)
+1 being close to the fox during Foxhunt on round end
+2 surviving the round as the fox
+2 surviving the round by time as the fox
+2 objective kill
+10 a capture
-3 being living defender outside capture range when flag is captured
-4 teamkill
-4 dying as the fox when other defenders are still alive

DTAS and bots
With the help of Olethros you can now give certain commands to bots which will make them 
more useful.
When you are attacking and tell your bots to "Go, go, go" they will head for the flag. On 
defense, you can order them top "Defend" and they will stay close to the flag.

A big thx to,
Cleeus, Crowze and Yurch for there hard work on DTAS
Khutan for his RandomTeamSpawn
and everyone in the forum who helped with their suggestions and criticism
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