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Wednesday, 03 January 2007
Quote of the DTAS 1.61 changelog:

(InfilDTAS 1.61)
- (change) internal change of player in range check
- (feature) new admin commands "mutate DTASBeDefender" and "mutate DTASBeAttacker"

(InfilDTAS 1.60)
- (bugfix) fixed score reset on certain forms of self-induced death

(InfilDTAS 1.59)
- (bugfix) dead rogue defenders are no longer punished when objective is captured
- (change) removed sanctuary mode
- (change) gamespy score support -> cleeus' idea
- (feature) added fox scoring
- (feature) added bonus for preventing a cap

(InfilDTAS 1.58)
- (bugfix) fixed "mutate iamthechosenone" (broken since 1.56)
- (change) a restarted round will no longer count as a survived round scorewise
- (feature) defenders get a direction display to the fox

(InfilDTAS 1.57)
- (bugfix) fixed UT announcer *sigh*
- (feature) added player based scoring

(InfilDTAS 1.56)
- (bugfix) adjusted alignment of enemy teamwork value in end round scoreboard
- (bugfix) fixed broken display of "Capturing"
- (feature) added optional gamemode switch only at round end for higher MinPlayers 
- (feature) added check for FOX->DTAS to prevent immediate DTAS death
- (feature) added flag icon in scoreboard for the fox during Foxhunt rounds
- (feature) made "mutate iamnotworthy" remove you from the fox/flag placer selection

(InfilDTAS 1.55)
- (bugfix) fixed client side Accessed Nones
- (bugfix) fixed Sanctuary victory condition 
- (feature) added DTAS/FOX information to F2 server info screen
- (feature) added FOX mission objective text to F2 (only during fox rounds)
- (feature) added HUD time display for capturing
- (feature) added enemy "Team Efficiency" and team information to scoreboard (end of 

(InfilDTAS 1.54)
- (bugfix) fixed victory collision when the last defender and last but one attacker shot 
each other
- (change) changed text displayd by "mutate tasstatus"
- (feature) last attacker gets a chance (optional) to win the round if he and his teammate 
were in range of the objective
- (feature) claymore parts are removed between rounds

(InfilDTAS 1.53)
- (bugfix) hunters will loose if they run out of time
- (bugfix) some issues with variable capture times
- (bugfix) fixed PureChecker/Inf compatibility problem with scoreboard not counting won 
rounds correctly (hopefully)

(InfilDTAS 1.52)
- (change) "mutate tasstatus" displays range to flag again
- (change) kills are completly replaced with "objective kills" and ini setting bShowKills 
- (change) ini setting bBotSupport reintegrated
- (change) gameplay-related DTAS settings are restricted for online server
- (feature) players no longer die when their mission failed

(InfilDTAS 1.51)
- (bugfix) "mutate IAmTheChosenOne" now works
- (feature) added "objective kills" as a kill replacement for the scoreboard

(InfilDTAS 1.50)
- (bugfix) all EAS maps should be at least playable (even Raid)
- (change) set bShowKills to false and bFoxMode to true as default ini values
- (change) removed bugfix for Mostar message
- (change) defenders are chosen first with RTS
- (feature) added RTSMySpawn command which can be used to identify your spawn

{InfilDTAS 1.49)
- (bugfix) "Capturing" display in HUD now works online too
- (bugfix) fixed Accessed None in SendDTASStatusMessage
- (change) scoreboard time limit (top center) removed

(InfilDTAS 1.48)
- (bugfix) local InfilDTAS.ini settings may override the server info display on servers, 
- (bugfix) fixed arrival message on Mostar (temporary)
- (change) removed INFd_UH60 from maps
- (feature) added FoxTimeFactor to ini settings to reduce round time during fox games

(InfilDTAS 1.47)
- (bugfix) repaired broken F2 serverinfo display
- (feature) added "mutate PlayFOX" and "mutate PlayDTAS" admin commands to toggle between 
both modes (if possible)
- (feature) added spectator listing to scoreboard (players joining server as spectator)

(InfilDTAS 1.46)
- (feature) added DTAS settings to F2 server info screen
- (feature) added "mutate IamtheChosenOne" and "mutate Iamnotworthy" to 
subscribe/unsubscribe for the job of fox/flag placer
- (feature) added optional "Capturing" HUD display (bShowCapture in ini)
- (change) removed "mutate DTASServerInfo" use F2 instead
- (change) bots are now chosen as fox or flag placer (but humans are still prefered)

(InfilDTAS 1.45)
- (bugfix) repaired rogue LastMan counter accidently broken in 1.44
- (bugfix) fixed AccessedNone in K_INF_RandomTeamSpawn.Mutate
- (change) removed NoSniperActors, FlagSize, bBotSupport and bKillLastAttackers from ini
- (change) removed much stuff from EAS maps which might decrease high CPU load on these 
- (feature) added experimental code that will trigger EAS goals and make maps like Raid 
and Chita46 playable

(InfilDTAS 1.44)
- (change) ini setting bFixedCapTime is now called bStrongDefense because of altered 
functionality (view README)
- (change) changed information shown by "mutate tasstatus" to include Foxhunt
- (change) attackers need at least one more soldier than there are defenders in capture 
- (change) removed BroadcastStatusInterval from ini
- (feature) added "mutate DTASServerInfo" to learn the current server settings

(InfilDTAS 1.43)
- (bugfix) added more messages and a HUD display concerning foxhunt mission objectives
- (bugfix) hopefully fixed the bug that new players which connect between rounds trigger 
the change team function (resulting in the same attacking and defending teams for the next 

(InfilDTAS 1.42)
- (feature) introduced a low player TDM replacement game mode called Foxhunt (INF-FOX)
- (feature) possibility of dynamic capture time (take a look at the readme)

(InfilDTAS 1.41)
- (change) teamkillers are now ranked down on the scoreboard
- (bugfix) red/blue team header in scoreboard
- (bugfix) adjusted enemy ping and name display

(InfilDTAS 1.40)
- (change) restricted mover reset to doors only (hopefully)
- (feature) added an optional *cough* kill coloumn (toggle with bShowKills
- (feature) darkened server info screen (F2)

(InfilDTAS 1.39)
- (feature) bots behave smarter (thx to Olethros)

(InfilDTAS 1.38)
- (bugfix) reintegrated bot support
- (bugfix) bShowFlagIcons didn't toggle anything, fixed

(InfilDTAS 1.37)
- (feature) between rounds all doors are closed again (even the "breached" ones)

(InfilDTAS 1.36)
- (change) made rounds, death and captures non-persistent during reconnects
- (change) scoreboard now sorts captures first, then difference between deaths and rounds  
played, then rounds played, then playername

(InfilDTAS 1.35)
- (bugfix) fixed UT announcer messages (again)
- (bugfix) fixed "attacker had to win a round"

(InfilDTAS 1.34)
- (change) made "In Range" display in HUD an ini option called bShowInRange

(InfilDTAS 1.33)
- (feature) scores are now sorted by captures(increasing), then death(decreasing) and 
lastly alphabetically

(InfilDTAS 1.32)
- (bugifx) fix attempt on UT announcer messages

{InfilDTAS 1.31)
- (bugfix) repaired RTS (broke it accidently)
- (bugfix) fixed remaining time for unlimited round times

(InfilDTAS 1.30}
- (bugfix) annoying TDM messages "You have x minutes left" popping up occasionally should 
be gone
- (bugfix) no more "Attackers ran out of time" at the beginning of DTAS 
- (bugfix) the player recieving the message "You will place the objective" should now 
ALWAYS be the one who actually places it
- (bugfix) proper F1 time display for both TDM and DTAS
- (change) no longer buffertime and firstroundaddtime in DTAS ini, use PlaceFlagTime  
instead (value in seconds)
- (change) when DTAS becomes active during a TDM round the remaing time of the round is 
reset to the full time limit
- (change) DTAS countdown stops when TDM becomes active during a round and continues when 
DTAS becomes active again
- (feature) human players are now prefered to bots when it comes to flag placing
- (feature) "In Range" display in HUD when you are in range of the flag
- (feature) visible flag icon next to teammates when they are in range of the flag in the 
F1 scoreboard
- (feature) new scoreboard especially tuned for DTAS
- and much more (mostly minor changes which will make life easier ;) )
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